Hockey Night in Calgary

gameA couple of weeks ago, Chantal and I headed down the QE2 to check out the Flames take on the Ottawa Senators at the Saddledome.

I hadn’t been to the Dome for a game in a few years so I was pretty excited and having m’lady come as well made it even more fun, especially when she started commenting on the game.

She relayed such nuggets of greatness as:

“It’s hard to follow the game without the guy on TV telling me what’s going on.”

“Why are we cheering?”

“Why are we booing?”

“Why is he arguing, he totally hit that guy with his stick!”

“Why are we applauding, he didn’t score.  I don’t applaud mediocrity.”

Sometimes it’s fun enjoying something through someone else’s eyes, even if they don’t really know what the hell is going on.

The Stampeders beat up on the Eskimos Sunday which means they are headed to Vancouver to take on Hamilton in the 102nd Grey Cup game.  I feel pretty confident, but that’s why they play the games.  Go Stamps Go!

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Vaccination Street

borismollyI’ve been meaning to write about this for a week now but am just finally getting around to doing it.

We wanted to leave the dogs at a kennel while we took Owen to Disneyland (video to come…) and in order to do so they had to have their vaccinations updated.  After checking we realized we were behind so we made a vet appointment to get the last shots they needed.

Shortly after I arrived, an older lady showed up, I pegged her around my moms age, she had her cat with her wrapped in a blanket and she looked pretty sad.  We got called in and things went pretty well, they go their needles, Molly needs a haircut and Spike is overweight….

After we were done and I was waiting to pay and get my paperwork, the door to the room next to ours open and the lady walked out, in tears holding just the blanket.  I realized what was going on and I asked her if she was ok and she shook her head no.  I told her “I don’t know you but I’m going to give you a hug…” I hugged her and she said thank you and she went her way and I went mine.  I always feel like I’m pretty cold inside but that really got to me, I felt so bad for her. (I may have offered her one of my dogs…. I don’t recall…)

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film_72Every so often the topic of movies comes up in the circles of people I spend time with and it will often culminate in me getting a verbal lashing for the myriad of much loved films I have never seen.

So I thought I would post a list of movies that most everyone seems to love but I have never seen.  Maybe folks can recommend which ones should be at the top of the list to see next and I can watch them and give a paragraph or 2 critique.  Because man cannot live on wrestling and Office reruns alone….

So here is the list of movies I haven’t seen: Any of the Godfathers, Goodfellas, Fight Club, Any of the Lord of the Rings, The Big Lebowski, Office Space, Blazing Saddles, The second 2 Star Wars prequels, Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs, Apocalypse Now, Braveheart, Jaws, Platoon, Good Will Hunting, Fargo, The Green Mile, Clockwork Orange, Airplane!, Toy Story 3, Any of the Firday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street.

There is just a few.  Discuss.

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Work it out….

tcbGot back to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks today because the big chief was away on a much deserved vacation.

I’ve never really been concerned about my health until I realized I was creeping up on a certain weight at a certain age and it scared me a little… (I don’t want to say what it is because it’s embarrassing but if you’re half-way intelligent you can figure it out.)

So a couple of years or so ago I started working out.  The pounds aren’t melting away as fast as I’d hoped but I understand it is a process and it takes time.  But I do notice a difference in the way I feel and my energy level.  One major obstacle is my diet, it’s hard to break 30-odd years of bad habits.

But I will continue to try and I’m enjoying going to the gym and trying hard.  Maybe one day I’ll be jacked… But not any time soon as I’ve been told HGH isn’t for me…. ;-)

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I’m Not A Mom

dadtoastSince I’ve been a stay at home dad I’ve never really considered myself going against the norm or “redefining gender roles,” We just decided it made fiscal sense for our family and as time has gone on I found that I enjoy it and am pretty good at it.

I never really thought about that side of it until one day a couple of weeks ago I heard a knock on the door in the afternoon.  I went downstairs to answer it, I opened the door and the woman on the other side said “You’re not a mom…” To which I replied “No, I’m not…. but I’m a dad!”

Apparently she was looking for moms to join her local Mom-and-Tots group and I was definitely not what she was looking for, or what she expected.

That’s the only time I ever really thought about what I do all day as anything out of the norm.  I’d write more but I have to go load the dryer…..

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My Blog is Back and you’re Gonna Be in Trouble…

So thanks to a genius who will remain Tyler Lewis, I finally have my website/blog back up and running.  So I am going to try and write more, people seem to want to hear more about me being a stay at home dad and what my life is like doing that…

It’s a big year for Owen as he’s entered grade one which is his first experience with full-day school.  He seems to be handling it pretty well and loves to go to school but around supper time he hits his wall and becomes a cranky pants.


Also last week he started Beavers.  Now I tried Beavers when I was a kid and I hated it but I figured I’d let Owen make up his mind and try it out for himself and after a taking a few minutes to get his feet wet (He came in a month late) He seemed to have fun.  They did leaf rubbings and played in the gym including a rousing game of dodgeball.  At the end, they did their weird beaver salute that included them slapping their hands on the ground, I assume like beaver tails.  I thought it was pretty fuckin’ weird and Owen had no clue what was going on but I’m sure after a few weeks he’ll be slapping right along with them.

Saturday I took him to Home Depot because we registered him in a little class where they teach you how to build things… The first class was a little wooden ambulance (weird?) which we built together despite pieces flying everywhere as other kids hammered on the plastic tables we were using…. It was hard on my back a bit to stand up and bend over to help so I sat down on the box that was behind me… Afterwards I looked and it was a toilet.  It seems only fitting….

Chantal is still struggling with the loss of her father.  I have never had anyone close to me die before so I don’t really understand how she feels so I am trying to be a supportive as I can.  The other 2 boys are good, cruising along at school and at whatever video game they are obsessed with this week, I think it’s Diablo.

I will try and write here more regularly, and I’m sure a lot more wrestling talk will seep in but you’re just going to have to deal with it….

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BBB’s Notebook – TNA Lockdown 2014

I haven’t written a blog or review in a while so I figured I’d do so as I watch this.

– We are LIVE from somewhere…. Florida I think, I wasn’t paying attention. Mike Tenay and Taz call the action.

-MATCH: Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Sanada, Yasu & The Great Muta.

-Muta always looks bad-ass.

-Team Wrestle-1 wins a sold fun match to start the PPV. And I like that they never touched the cage, like it wasn’t even there. Fans loved Muta.

-Here comes Rockstar Spud, to introduce Dixie Carter. I hate promos on PPV’s, especially from her. Tells us she will turn this arena upside down. Pointless time wasting. She has an “insurance card in her back pocket” for tonight.

-Velvet Sky and Eric Young are in the back answering questions on-line and we go to a video package for the next match…

-MATCH: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw.

-At first I didn’t like this angle but it slowly grew on me. I don’t think it should progress after this match though. Blow it off.

-More fucking talking, Shaw threatens to jump off the cage because Hemme’s not there, Anderson says it’s not high enough. (Be a STAR man….) tells him to come down and fight…

-Apparently you can only win by escaping the cage.

-Hemme heads down to ringside during the match, I see where this is going…

-Overbooked mess. Ref bump at cage door, Hemme gets pulled into the ring through camera hole, Anderson saves her but gets choked out. Shaw wins, but it was too much.

-EC3 comes to issue and open challenge from what I’ve heard, because we need more yakking on PPV.

-And to answer the challenge… Bobby Lashley…. Who spears Carter…. And that ends the segment. No match?

-Kenny King Vingette.

-Backstage promo from Magnus.

-MATCH: Manik vs. Tigre Uno.

-Uno wins with the “Sabretooth Splash.” Really quick, Americanized Lucha style match. Really enjoyed it.

-Gunner/Storm hype video.

-MATCH: Last Man Standing – James Storm vs. Gunner.

-Storm with new heel music.

-I love a good cage-door slam to the face.

-Storm tried to tie him to the cage with the tag ropes but it didn’t work at all…

-Gunner Hulks-Up!!

-Gunner dives off the top to a chair thrown in his face, looked awesome.

-Gunner wins after a superplex through 2 chairs. Hard hitting, solid match which made sense for the story. Well done.

-A replay of Dixie’s promo… Ugh…. I forgot she said Hardy can’t enter the building because of breach of contract.

-MVP and The Wolves backstage promo.

-Madison/Gail Kim hype video.

-MATCH: TNA Knockout Title – Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (c)

-The ladies really brought it tonight! One of the best matches of the show. Madison wins with a spear from the top rope. really good stuff.

-Joe backstage promo.

-MATCH: TNA Championship – Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (c).

-A really solid straight forward wrestling match that I was really enjoying until more TNA silliness. Joe had Magnus in the choke and an arm comes through the canvas and pulls him under the ring. Joe eventually returns and attacks Magnus but Abyss comes out of the hole and attacks Joe. Black hole slam… Magnus locks on a choke and the ref drops the hand 3 times and that’s it. It came off poorly, crowd hated it and I hated it.

-Backstage Eric Young yells at Abyss as Al Snow and Pat Kenny separate them.

-Dixie is on the phone with her “insurance card.” Roode wants to know what the secret is, but Dixie won’t squeal.

-Lethal Lockdown hype video.

-MATCH: Lethal Lockdown – MVP, The Wolves & Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & The Bro Man.

-Borash explains the rules, making it sound as confusing as he possible can.

-Aries and MVP start it off.

-Team Dixie has the advantage so after 5 minutes Robbie E enters.

-Eddie Edwards out next. Weird seeing him and Richards in TNA.

-Jesse out next, even more weird seeing him in TNA….

-Davey Richards next. Action in the ring decent.

-Roode enters to round out Team Dixie…. Jeff Hardy is still barred from the arena….

-Countdown clock appears for Hardy, Willows video plays on the screen, lights go out (for a long time) and Willow appears on top of the cage. Dives off and the 4 heels do a shit job of catching him.

-Roof with weapons comes down and JB announces it’s time for the Match beyo….. I mean Lethal Lockdown.

-Tenay and Taz acknowledge Willow is Jeff Hardy. Dixie’s music hits, let the overbooking begin!! She announces the special referee and her insurance policy, Bully Ray.

-Bully blocks rude from putting MVP through a table, lays him out and MVP hits a Yakuza kick and gets the pin. Good work throughout, these matches can be a bit of a cluster and this one was but they pulled out some cool spots as well.

-Dixie tries to get in Bully’s face but she’s held back by Spud. Bully powerbombs Roode through a table.

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Because You Didn’t Ask: The WWE

The WWE is certainly full of controversy and buzz right now, with the Daniel Bryan situation and the ‘opinionated’ crowd in Pittsburgh at the Royal Rumble, The upcoming launch of the WWE Network and the currently-unfolding CM Punk scene.

Starting with Bryan, it was certainly interesting watching the Rumble and seeing the fans somewhat hijack the show with chants etc. it has often been said that “a fan who buys a ticket can say whatever he wants” but that’s certainly being put to the test lately when it comes to Daniel Bryan. The fans have been called (among other things) entitled…. The wrestling business is unlike any other because the fans have very strong feelings of where they want the stories and their favourites to go.

The fans will tell you what they want and have become quite a bit braver about it I recent years and I don’t really begrudge them that. I take issue with the fact that some are saying that it is only the IWC (The Internet Wrestling Community, a strange term coined many years ago) that are being so boisterous at live events.

Let’s say that’s true, and if ROH ran a show in Pittsburgh they would draw (generously) about 1000 fans, put those 1000 fans in the Xcel Energy Center and have them shout YES and thrust their hands in the air and it would be barely noticeable. Look at the tape, it was almost everyone to a man…. Or woman.

Someone said that after the Rumble, the highest rated segment on Raw would be Batistas promo segment despite the fans shitting all over his win the night before. I think it’s pretty obvious that’s true but it would also be true despite who won the Battle Royale, be it Batista, Cena, Reigns or Bryan.

The fans paid for the seats and the same fans who shit on the goings on at the Rumble will be the same ones who will buy a ticket and shit on something at the next Raw or Smackdown in town. And that’s part of the fun…. This is supposed to be fun remember?

On to the WWE Network, I have my VPN in hand and I’m hoping I’ll not have to wait until 2015 like my fellow Canadians. The way the network is structured, it’s a no-brainier for the price they are charging and the content they are providing.

My concern is that on the morning of February 24th when everyone tries to sign up the whole system may crash if they aren’t prepared for all the traffic. That could potentially have long-term effects on the success of the network.

The big story unfolding is that apparently CM Punk went home from Raw and has been written out of future WWE storylines.

There has been rumours of his being unhappy with several older established talents returning and being given prime slots at WrestleMania and other events and I have to say I agree with him.

Watching the Rumble, Batista competed for approximately 13 minutes and looked pretty gassed to me. 13 minutes in 4 years to get a title match at the biggest show of the year.

I’ve said this a lot recently, but there is going to come a time when older established stars from the past can’t be banked upon to see the big events. It’s dangerous booking and can be seen as disrespectful to the guys today who work hard all year long.

Punk has always been an opinionated guy who doesn’t take a lot of BS and will vocally stand up for himself and what he thinks is right. I wish I was more like that.

What will happen and where he will end up remains a mystery but if I were a betting man, I think we will see him in a WWE ring again.

But that’s just what I think, what do I know….

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Still Here!

I haven’t forgotten the blog, and I will write on it…. I promise.

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BBB’s Notebook – TNA Bound for Glory 2013

TNA’s first actual PPV since they scaled them down. Should be interesting.

-Bro Mans win the gauntlet in the pre-show to earn the tag title match.

-We are off and running LIVE with Mike Tenay!

-MATCH: Ultimate X – Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Manik.

-Missing a ton of this match as I am on the phone trying to help make my wrestling company the best it can be.

-Velvet Sky is at ringside with Sabin. She is hot as sin.

-Sabin wins but I pretty much missed the whole match so I can’t say shit about it. I know that makes for a horrible review but it’s reality…

-Here come Bad Influence… They cut a promo bitching that they aren’t on the PPV… They demand to be included in the tag title match. Out comes Eric Young, who says Bad Influence created a monster… BA attack Young and Abyss comes out and beats down BA.

-That apparently leads to….

-MATCH: TNA Tag Team Titles – Bro-Mans vs. Gunner & James Storm.

-Bro-Mans win after a ref-distracted finish. Way better then I thought it would be.

-we see hi-lites of the TNA Hall of Fame dinner which looks pretty bush league unfortunately.

-JB introduces Sting, who will induct Kurt Angle into the Hall of Fame.

-After some speeches and BS, Kurt respectfully declines his spot on the Hall of Fame. More TNA horse shit….

-Backstage Dixie chats with Ethan Carter. Says she has the perfect opponent for him.

-MATCH: TNA Knockouts Title – ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher.

-Taz calls TNA’s Fan Interaction “Fan Axxess” and is quickly corrected by Tenay.

-After a ref bump Lady Tapa (or whatever her name is…) appears. She takes out ODB and hits an ugly power bomb on Brooke and Gail pins her to win. Bad. Bad match, bad commentary. Bad.

-Afterwards they celebrate together. Oh Gail you swerved us all.

-MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode.

-Taz does a really solid job on commentary on this one, steps away from his Aces & 8’s character and calls it as a fan and former competitor and it adds a lot in my opinion.

-I worry about Kurt Angle sometimes…

-In a (very long) ankle lock, Brian Hebner raises Roodes arm to check on him and it lands on the bottom rope. Let’s see how this plays out….

-Angle hits an Angle Slam off the top, both men down for a 9 count and then Roode rolls on Angle for the pin. Not so crazy about the finish but the match was quite good.

-Doctors in the ring and they call for a stretcher for Angle. They take some time to load him up on the stretcher and he gets off and walks out. Self-indulgent bullshit. Kinda ruined the match for me.

-Backstage Bully Ray is talking to mystery people off camera…

-MATCH: EC3 vs. Norv Fernum.

-Ok…. This will be over before I finish typing this line…

-Fans aren’t enjoying this…

-EC3 wins with a pretty sick looking inverted DDT. Other then that, boring squash.

-MATCH: Magnus vs. Sting.

-With no heel the crowd is a little timid at the start.

-Stings Scorpion Deathlock looks like shit.

-Sting taps to a cloverleaf which somewhat surprised me. Not bad but certainly nothing that got me excited, and not a match that’s going to “make” Magnus.

-Seeds of a Magnus heel turn are planted as he blows off Sting after the match.

-MATCH: TNA Heavyweight Title – AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray (c).

-Styles misses an insane springboard somersault through the announce table. Crazy.

-Bully pulls the ring mat up to expose the boards, huge ECW chant from San Diego.

-Oh god, here comes Dixie… She gives Bully a chair which AJ forearms into his face.

-Dixie stops Earl Hebner from counting when Bully is pinned.

-AJ hits the Spiral Tap for the pin and the win. The match was good from a work and emotional standpoint, it took the crowd up and down but it also continued a tradition of TNA overbooking main events. And if Dixie thinks making herself the #1 heel will help save the company financially I think it’s a shame.

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