BBB’s Notebook – TNA Lockdown 2014

I haven’t written a blog or review in a while so I figured I’d do so as I watch this.

- We are LIVE from somewhere…. Florida I think, I wasn’t paying attention. Mike Tenay and Taz call the action.

-MATCH: Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Sanada, Yasu & The Great Muta.

-Muta always looks bad-ass.

-Team Wrestle-1 wins a sold fun match to start the PPV. And I like that they never touched the cage, like it wasn’t even there. Fans loved Muta.

-Here comes Rockstar Spud, to introduce Dixie Carter. I hate promos on PPV’s, especially from her. Tells us she will turn this arena upside down. Pointless time wasting. She has an “insurance card in her back pocket” for tonight.

-Velvet Sky and Eric Young are in the back answering questions on-line and we go to a video package for the next match…

-MATCH: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw.

-At first I didn’t like this angle but it slowly grew on me. I don’t think it should progress after this match though. Blow it off.

-More fucking talking, Shaw threatens to jump off the cage because Hemme’s not there, Anderson says it’s not high enough. (Be a STAR man….) tells him to come down and fight…

-Apparently you can only win by escaping the cage.

-Hemme heads down to ringside during the match, I see where this is going…

-Overbooked mess. Ref bump at cage door, Hemme gets pulled into the ring through camera hole, Anderson saves her but gets choked out. Shaw wins, but it was too much.

-EC3 comes to issue and open challenge from what I’ve heard, because we need more yakking on PPV.

-And to answer the challenge… Bobby Lashley…. Who spears Carter…. And that ends the segment. No match?

-Kenny King Vingette.

-Backstage promo from Magnus.

-MATCH: Manik vs. Tigre Uno.

-Uno wins with the “Sabretooth Splash.” Really quick, Americanized Lucha style match. Really enjoyed it.

-Gunner/Storm hype video.

-MATCH: Last Man Standing – James Storm vs. Gunner.

-Storm with new heel music.

-I love a good cage-door slam to the face.

-Storm tried to tie him to the cage with the tag ropes but it didn’t work at all…

-Gunner Hulks-Up!!

-Gunner dives off the top to a chair thrown in his face, looked awesome.

-Gunner wins after a superplex through 2 chairs. Hard hitting, solid match which made sense for the story. Well done.

-A replay of Dixie’s promo… Ugh…. I forgot she said Hardy can’t enter the building because of breach of contract.

-MVP and The Wolves backstage promo.

-Madison/Gail Kim hype video.

-MATCH: TNA Knockout Title – Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (c)

-The ladies really brought it tonight! One of the best matches of the show. Madison wins with a spear from the top rope. really good stuff.

-Joe backstage promo.

-MATCH: TNA Championship – Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (c).

-A really solid straight forward wrestling match that I was really enjoying until more TNA silliness. Joe had Magnus in the choke and an arm comes through the canvas and pulls him under the ring. Joe eventually returns and attacks Magnus but Abyss comes out of the hole and attacks Joe. Black hole slam… Magnus locks on a choke and the ref drops the hand 3 times and that’s it. It came off poorly, crowd hated it and I hated it.

-Backstage Eric Young yells at Abyss as Al Snow and Pat Kenny separate them.

-Dixie is on the phone with her “insurance card.” Roode wants to know what the secret is, but Dixie won’t squeal.

-Lethal Lockdown hype video.

-MATCH: Lethal Lockdown – MVP, The Wolves & Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & The Bro Man.

-Borash explains the rules, making it sound as confusing as he possible can.

-Aries and MVP start it off.

-Team Dixie has the advantage so after 5 minutes Robbie E enters.

-Eddie Edwards out next. Weird seeing him and Richards in TNA.

-Jesse out next, even more weird seeing him in TNA….

-Davey Richards next. Action in the ring decent.

-Roode enters to round out Team Dixie…. Jeff Hardy is still barred from the arena….

-Countdown clock appears for Hardy, Willows video plays on the screen, lights go out (for a long time) and Willow appears on top of the cage. Dives off and the 4 heels do a shit job of catching him.

-Roof with weapons comes down and JB announces it’s time for the Match beyo….. I mean Lethal Lockdown.

-Tenay and Taz acknowledge Willow is Jeff Hardy. Dixie’s music hits, let the overbooking begin!! She announces the special referee and her insurance policy, Bully Ray.

-Bully blocks rude from putting MVP through a table, lays him out and MVP hits a Yakuza kick and gets the pin. Good work throughout, these matches can be a bit of a cluster and this one was but they pulled out some cool spots as well.

-Dixie tries to get in Bully’s face but she’s held back by Spud. Bully powerbombs Roode through a table.

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Because You Didn’t Ask: The WWE

The WWE is certainly full of controversy and buzz right now, with the Daniel Bryan situation and the ‘opinionated’ crowd in Pittsburgh at the Royal Rumble, The upcoming launch of the WWE Network and the currently-unfolding CM Punk scene.

Starting with Bryan, it was certainly interesting watching the Rumble and seeing the fans somewhat hijack the show with chants etc. it has often been said that “a fan who buys a ticket can say whatever he wants” but that’s certainly being put to the test lately when it comes to Daniel Bryan. The fans have been called (among other things) entitled…. The wrestling business is unlike any other because the fans have very strong feelings of where they want the stories and their favourites to go.

The fans will tell you what they want and have become quite a bit braver about it I recent years and I don’t really begrudge them that. I take issue with the fact that some are saying that it is only the IWC (The Internet Wrestling Community, a strange term coined many years ago) that are being so boisterous at live events.

Let’s say that’s true, and if ROH ran a show in Pittsburgh they would draw (generously) about 1000 fans, put those 1000 fans in the Xcel Energy Center and have them shout YES and thrust their hands in the air and it would be barely noticeable. Look at the tape, it was almost everyone to a man…. Or woman.

Someone said that after the Rumble, the highest rated segment on Raw would be Batistas promo segment despite the fans shitting all over his win the night before. I think it’s pretty obvious that’s true but it would also be true despite who won the Battle Royale, be it Batista, Cena, Reigns or Bryan.

The fans paid for the seats and the same fans who shit on the goings on at the Rumble will be the same ones who will buy a ticket and shit on something at the next Raw or Smackdown in town. And that’s part of the fun…. This is supposed to be fun remember?

On to the WWE Network, I have my VPN in hand and I’m hoping I’ll not have to wait until 2015 like my fellow Canadians. The way the network is structured, it’s a no-brainier for the price they are charging and the content they are providing.

My concern is that on the morning of February 24th when everyone tries to sign up the whole system may crash if they aren’t prepared for all the traffic. That could potentially have long-term effects on the success of the network.

The big story unfolding is that apparently CM Punk went home from Raw and has been written out of future WWE storylines.

There has been rumours of his being unhappy with several older established talents returning and being given prime slots at WrestleMania and other events and I have to say I agree with him.

Watching the Rumble, Batista competed for approximately 13 minutes and looked pretty gassed to me. 13 minutes in 4 years to get a title match at the biggest show of the year.

I’ve said this a lot recently, but there is going to come a time when older established stars from the past can’t be banked upon to see the big events. It’s dangerous booking and can be seen as disrespectful to the guys today who work hard all year long.

Punk has always been an opinionated guy who doesn’t take a lot of BS and will vocally stand up for himself and what he thinks is right. I wish I was more like that.

What will happen and where he will end up remains a mystery but if I were a betting man, I think we will see him in a WWE ring again.

But that’s just what I think, what do I know….

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Still Here!

I haven’t forgotten the blog, and I will write on it…. I promise.

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BBB’s Notebook – TNA Bound for Glory 2013

TNA’s first actual PPV since they scaled them down. Should be interesting.

-Bro Mans win the gauntlet in the pre-show to earn the tag title match.

-We are off and running LIVE with Mike Tenay!

-MATCH: Ultimate X – Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Manik.

-Missing a ton of this match as I am on the phone trying to help make my wrestling company the best it can be.

-Velvet Sky is at ringside with Sabin. She is hot as sin.

-Sabin wins but I pretty much missed the whole match so I can’t say shit about it. I know that makes for a horrible review but it’s reality…

-Here come Bad Influence… They cut a promo bitching that they aren’t on the PPV… They demand to be included in the tag title match. Out comes Eric Young, who says Bad Influence created a monster… BA attack Young and Abyss comes out and beats down BA.

-That apparently leads to….

-MATCH: TNA Tag Team Titles – Bro-Mans vs. Gunner & James Storm.

-Bro-Mans win after a ref-distracted finish. Way better then I thought it would be.

-we see hi-lites of the TNA Hall of Fame dinner which looks pretty bush league unfortunately.

-JB introduces Sting, who will induct Kurt Angle into the Hall of Fame.

-After some speeches and BS, Kurt respectfully declines his spot on the Hall of Fame. More TNA horse shit….

-Backstage Dixie chats with Ethan Carter. Says she has the perfect opponent for him.

-MATCH: TNA Knockouts Title – ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher.

-Taz calls TNA’s Fan Interaction “Fan Axxess” and is quickly corrected by Tenay.

-After a ref bump Lady Tapa (or whatever her name is…) appears. She takes out ODB and hits an ugly power bomb on Brooke and Gail pins her to win. Bad. Bad match, bad commentary. Bad.

-Afterwards they celebrate together. Oh Gail you swerved us all.

-MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode.

-Taz does a really solid job on commentary on this one, steps away from his Aces & 8′s character and calls it as a fan and former competitor and it adds a lot in my opinion.

-I worry about Kurt Angle sometimes…

-In a (very long) ankle lock, Brian Hebner raises Roodes arm to check on him and it lands on the bottom rope. Let’s see how this plays out….

-Angle hits an Angle Slam off the top, both men down for a 9 count and then Roode rolls on Angle for the pin. Not so crazy about the finish but the match was quite good.

-Doctors in the ring and they call for a stretcher for Angle. They take some time to load him up on the stretcher and he gets off and walks out. Self-indulgent bullshit. Kinda ruined the match for me.

-Backstage Bully Ray is talking to mystery people off camera…

-MATCH: EC3 vs. Norv Fernum.

-Ok…. This will be over before I finish typing this line…

-Fans aren’t enjoying this…

-EC3 wins with a pretty sick looking inverted DDT. Other then that, boring squash.

-MATCH: Magnus vs. Sting.

-With no heel the crowd is a little timid at the start.

-Stings Scorpion Deathlock looks like shit.

-Sting taps to a cloverleaf which somewhat surprised me. Not bad but certainly nothing that got me excited, and not a match that’s going to “make” Magnus.

-Seeds of a Magnus heel turn are planted as he blows off Sting after the match.

-MATCH: TNA Heavyweight Title – AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray (c).

-Styles misses an insane springboard somersault through the announce table. Crazy.

-Bully pulls the ring mat up to expose the boards, huge ECW chant from San Diego.

-Oh god, here comes Dixie… She gives Bully a chair which AJ forearms into his face.

-Dixie stops Earl Hebner from counting when Bully is pinned.

-AJ hits the Spiral Tap for the pin and the win. The match was good from a work and emotional standpoint, it took the crowd up and down but it also continued a tradition of TNA overbooking main events. And if Dixie thinks making herself the #1 heel will help save the company financially I think it’s a shame.

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What’s goin’ on…

Not really much to write about but I’m going to do so anyway.

Life marches on and it’s going pretty well. Braden’s football team is in the playoffs and has a regional final game on Sunday and if they win the go to Provincials in Lethbridge. GO BOMBERS!

Owen is loving school, one of the best parts of my day is taking him there and watching him line up with all his classmates and march into the building to start their day.

And Jon is just Jon. Probably the coolest kid I know, just does his thing and loves it. And he has cool-ass hair.

Loving things in PWA right now, Fright Night was a big success with a huge crowd and the first 2 dvd’s I’ve produced have been selling pretty well. Always feel very lucky to be a part of that company and be a small piece of a business I’ve loved since I was my sons age.

Chantal works so hard, I can’t imagine being responsible for a budget of millions of dollars but she does it every day and it blows my mind. She feels bad that she works a lot and isn’t homes much as she was but we are a team and have each others backs to the end. She continues to be the Best in the World.

Stamps are owning the CFL and have clinched the playoff bye and the Flames are doing much better then everyone (including me) figured they would.

So life is good.

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I didn’t like the look I had for the blog… It looked like something a company would use and not just some dude.

So I’ve adjusted it to this, now I just need to start writing on it again.

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BBB’S Notebook – TNA Victory Road 2008


I have a shelf full of dvd’s I’ve purchased but haven’t watched yet and when I have time I like to grab one and give it a whirl. This is just such an occasion as this is one of the shows from the TNA 3-pack DVDs they used to put out. I don’t think this will take long as I’m sure I’ll be skipping a lot of potentially…. Undesirable matches.

-I miss Don West…. Who am I kidding, no one does.

-MATCH: 2008 World X Cup – Yossino & Puma & Milano Collection AT vs. Averno, Rey Buccanero & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Alex Kozlov, Doug Williams & Tyson Dux vs. Curry Man, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin.

-This I will watch as I’m a big fan of many of these guys, especially the DG talent.

-I do miss the 6 sided ring however.

-Apparently its elimination as Dux is out first after a nasty drop on his head from Buccanero.

-Averno pins Puma after some awesome fast paced shit. So good.

-Sabin pins Milano after the cradle-shock.

-Averno pinned by Yossino who is amazing.

-Guerrero pins Curry Man after a top rope Powerbomb.

-Williams out thanks to Buccanero.

-Kozlov makes Guerrero tap.

-Buccanero pinned by Sabin after a Superkick.

-Kozlov pins Sabin with his feet on the rope.

-Kozlov with an impressive dive.

-Kozlov taps to Yossinos finisher. No idea what to call it.

-Shelley pins Yossino with the Novacaine or whatever it’s called.

-Wow, talk about a hidden gem. What a great match, I’m biased because I really love fast paced smaller guys and this featured some of my favorites for. Around the world. Check it out if you can, maybe I’ll put it on my YouTube channel. So good.

-As they go through he card, not a lot I really wanna watch…

-As we are in Houston, we obviously take a tour of Booker T’s house… To be continued.

-MATCH: Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love.

-I’m gonna give it a change because I like Gail…

-Velvet Sky accompanies Angelina to the ring.

-They bill Kim as from Tampa FL.

-Gail wins with a handcuff-neckbreaker. Surprisingly solid match, I was impressed.

-MATCH: Black Machismo vs. Sonjay Dutt.

-This match stems from a terrible looking love triangle angle with So-Cal Val. I don’t remember it but it looked awful in the hype video.

-Dutt rolls up Lethal while he was dealing with Val. Pretty stellar match as you might expect. Pretty good show thus far.

-MATCH: TNA Tag Team Title “fans revenge match” – Beer Money vs. LAX.

-Apparently there will be 12 fans with leather straps surrounding the ring. I expect this to bring the PPV to a screeching halt.

-LAX win with their double team finisher. In ring work was pretty good and the silly strap stuff was kept to a minimum.

-We take a tour of Booker T’s wrestling school.

-MATCH: TNA Knockouts title – Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde.

-Wilde sneaks out a win in a pretty bland contest. Post match, Kong beats her down until Abyss makes the save. Don’t remember exactly what the angle was here.

-At Booker T’s restaurant….

-MATCH: Ultimate X – Naruki Doi vs. Volador Jr. vs. Daivari vs. Kaz.

-This should be good, lots of talent involved.

-Volador wins after a pretty sick leg drop spot from Kaz. Not as good as I expected but still quite enjoyable.

-Golfing with Booker T….

-MATCH: Full Metal Mayhem – Team 3D & Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhyno.

-Hmmm, AJ Styles having issues with Kurt Angle? Sounds very familiar…

-Angle pins AJ after an Olympic slam off a ladder through a table. Really fun brawl with action throughout. I may have enjoyed this more then Ultimate X.

-MATCH: TNA World Title – Samoa Joe (c) vs. Booker T.

-Sharmells overacting in the front row is brutal.

-Joe beats up 2 refs that arrive after a ref bump and no DQ?

-Joe beats up security as Sharmell hops the railing and begs Joe to stop beating on Booker.

-Stings music hits and out he comes. He convinces Joe to stop the abuse, he agrees and walks out but RUNS BACK IN!!

-Sting attacks with the bat. Booker lays on top and counts the 3. What the fuck just happened. Booker leaves with the belt. What an overbooked shit-show on an otherwise pretty solid show.

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BBB’s Notebook – TNA One Night Only X-Travaganza


This is a pretty cool idea by TNA to put on these smaller PPV shows and to lower the amount of normal PPV’s to make them seem more special and to save some money. I’m expecting big things from this show as I’m a fan of this style, let’s go to it….

-As the opening pyro goes off we see the ring surrounded by a steel cage.

-Tenay and Taz host and say we will see Ultimate X, Joe vs. Aries and more.

-Clips of AJ Styles being crowned first X division champion.

-MATCH: X Divsion X-Scape match – Matt Bentley vs. Alex Silva vs. Lince Dorado vs. Sam Shaw vs. Puma vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Christian York.

-Pin or submission to be eliminated until we get to the final 2 and then whoever escapes the cage first wins.

-Dorado first eliminated by York. Fun and fast paced action, not to sporty but I think that’s coming.

-Sam Shaw pins Puma shortly thereafter.

-Bently pins Silva a minute later.

-Rave pins Sam Shaw 2 minutes later.

-York pins Bently, York and Rave are the final 2.

-York climbs out of the cage after hitting a neckbreaker from the top. Good, fun way to open the show. I didn’t like the eliminations being so close together, I’d like to see them spaced out a little even if it means someone has to go out relatively early. Not too spotty as well.

-JB says next up is old school vs. new school and interviews Tony Nese and Rashad Cameron… I like the name Black Jeez way better!

-MATCH: Kid Kash & Doug Williams vs. Anthony Nese & Rashad Cameron.

-Williams pins Nese after the Chaos Theory. No complaints really, solid tag match. Hebner was asleep at the wheel on a near fall… Someone poke him or something.

-MATCH: Chavo Guerrero vs. Robbie E.

-Chavo gives us a Lucha history lesson on the mic. He challenges Robbie to an X-Division match, isn’t this an X Division show…? Chavo introduces Joseph Park as the special referee.

-Chavo wins with the frog splash. Perfectly fine match but did nothing for me. Filler.

-Lots of “History of the X Division” video packages…. Fun history lesson.

-MATCH: Ultimate X – Zema Ion vs. Rubix (Jigsaw) vs. Kenny King vs. Mason Andrews.

-Saying there has been “only 29 Ultimate X Matches” doesn’t make it sound very rare…

-Rubix pulls down the X then falls not the shoulders of Kenny King who grabs it and then delivers an electric chair drop and is declared the winner. Apparently you have to get the X and the. Tough the mat to win. This is new. Ultimate X is always spotty fun if you just accept it for what it is. There was 4 or 5 teenage gir.s in the front row marking out which was quite entertaining.

-MATCH: Bad Influence vs. Sonjay Dutt & Pete Williams.

-Kaz pins Dutt after Daniels hits the BME. Excellent match from all 4 especially Sonjay who came out looking like a million bucks (other then taking the pinfall…)

-Afterwards, Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Kaz.

-MATCH: No DQ – Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn.

-The ECW fanboy in me wants to like this match but I’m concerned. Especially as Tenay hyped it up as the last match ever between the two.

-RVD wins with the 5 Star. This was about as good a match as Lynn and RVD could have in 2013. Not as good as the classics in the late 90′s but pretty damn entertaining and better the. I thought it would be.

-Awesome to see the locker room come out to the stage to salute Jerry Lynn.

-MATCH: Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe.

-Aries flips out of a Muscle Buster and pins Joe with a sunset flip. I had heard some pretty rave reviews for this match so I went in expecting a lot and was a little let down. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good match but it was oversold to me by what I had read.

Pretty decent show overall, nothing was overly bad and the average matches were still pretty good.

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BBB’s Notebook – Barbed Wire City, The Unauthorized Story of ECW


bwcI’m just going to do a bullet point sort of a deal as I watch this. This is the somewhat-much talked about ECW documentary that these folks had been working on for many years and finally was completed after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. With my fanboy love for ECW I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. I will be the first to admit that I am one of those ECW-can-do-no-wrong kind of nerds who really drank the Kool-Aid. It really showed what the business could be at a time when it was a little… fluffy.

I grew up a huge wrestling fan as a kid, but got out of it for quite a number of years when I grew up and wrestling didn’t, it was still targeted at the kids and when I first saw ECW it really kicked my ass and I couldn’t get enough. Especially being that at the time you couldn’t get it here in Canada and scraps I could get from tape trading were very exciting. I remember going to Area 51 (which was a heavy metal bar and is now Buddys….) because a friend of mine found out they showed ECW ppv’s there. That was the first time I ever saw ECW, it was Heatwave ’98 which to this day stands as one of my favorite PPV events of all time. I was shocked at the violence and the grittiness and how different it was. It got me really back into wrestling and started my tape trading obsession and built me into the wrestling obsessed junkie I am today.

Wow, I didn’t really expect to go on a diatribe like that, but let’s go to the show….

-Luckily RF Video owns all its fancam footage they shot and they allowed the film-makers to use it… Having visuals will really add to the production. Something Forever Hardcore, Jeremy Borash’s doc really lacked.

-Cool to see Billy Corgan, I’m a big Pumpkins fan.

-Take your fucking sunglasses off while you’re being interviewed Douglas. I hate that.

-A lot of plugging for Extreme Reunion early on…

-”Hat Guy” gets some love, probably the most famous wrestling fan in America.

-Cool to see some set-up footage from the ECW Arena. Can’t wait to go there, just to stand outside.

-”I don’t care if he killed your mom, you liked him.” Sapolsky on Heyman.

-Interesting to see the various opinions on Eddie Gilberts departure and Paul E’s hiring.

-Interesting discussion about blading, which if you step outside and look at, is a very barbaric practice. “Red turns green.”

-The evolution of Tommy Dreamer is a very polarizing story.

-Todd Gordon says video sales kept the company going early on around 1995.

-Oh New Jack…

-Meltzer says guys used the excessive violence to cover up for lesser skills. I don’t think you can argue that but it was entertaining.

-Axl says the scars on his arm from his matches with Ian was a mistake, bad decisions.

-They address the violence in a realistic and poignant way and explore the benefits and detract ions of it and let the guys explain the pros and cons.

-Meltzer said ECW was unfairly pigeonholed as a blood and guts company which I think is fair.

-Rocco Rock says Paul E had trouble telling the truth…

-The Mass Transit incident is covered with opinions from a lot of people. Mixed feelings on this still.

-Some pretty intense footage from the day of Extreme Reunion and Sabu being found unresponsive.

-Some really cool footage from the day of Barely Legal and all the stuff needed for the POV that they didn’t usually use.

-The first PPV is remembered very fondly, to be in the building that night would have been amazing.

-They talk about the Elks Lodge in Queens and what a cool building it was and how they wanted to stay there instead of going to a bigger venue.

-They talk to Tony Lewis who ran and did a lot to help promote the product.

-More footage from Extreme Reunion. Too bad that show sucked.

-Talk of some of the “near-riots” the Dudley’s caused. Great heels. Atlas security reminisce about some rowdy situations. Great mullets on those guys.

-Some great clips of Bubba riling up the crowds.

-Wade Keller says Heyman should have reeled in some of the guys who were taking big risks such as balcony dives etc…

-New Jack said once Paul asked him to do more dives he asked for more money.

-Meltzer said the turnaround time to get paid from a PPV, hurt them due to promoting the next one before the cash came in from the previous one.

-Everyone was excited to go national on TNN, they thought that was the golden goose.

-Some more clips from Extreme Reunion. Sad to see Axl with the bells palsy. I’ve got a big soft spot for Balls & Axl.

-The consensus was Heyman wasn’t sure how to handle the product once they went National, plus they lost some huge talent right before the TNN deal.

-There was no marketing or advertising from TNN, as they had started negotiating with WWE.

-Angel says Paul would swear the company wasn’t going under as checks were bouncing. Paul wanted to get on USA or Fox.

-Billy Corgan says Paul asked him to buy ten percent of ECW for a million dollars.

-There seems to be a pretty strong underlying resentment of Heyman from the guys who stuck around as the ship sank.

-New Jack says Heyman was a piece of shit and a liar.

-Apparently negotiations with USA were somewhat serious.

-Angel says Paul never called anyone to say the company folded.

-Meltzer says the guy who made all the money from ECW was Vince McMahon.

-Balls says he tried to drink himself to death after ECW folded.

-Lots of folks comment on the Extreme Reunion show and how bad it was. People got in the ring not… Sober. Fans changed for refunds, Raven buried the product etc…

-The show closes with somewhat of an epilogue of several of the interviewees and where they are now.

I was a little wary on this going into it because the Kickstarter funding was a bit of a red flag as I thought the Dynamite Kid doc was pretty weak. However, I really enjoyed this as it was shot well, with poignant interviews and the RF footage was hugely useful in helping tell the story. Big thumbs up.

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BBB’S Notebook – WWE WrestleMania XXIX


I watched the PPV live but with a house full of people (which was awesome) I couldn’t really give it my full attention. So I’m going to give it another spin, blog style.

-A Hurricane Sandy video starts us off, No America the Beautiful which I thought was odd. Didn’t realize Chris Christie was the narrator.

-MATCH: Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show vs. The Shield.

-Snooki behind the announce table is unsettling…

-The Shield go over in a really good opener to the show. I was surprised the baby’s didn’t win and it started off a night where very few of my picks were correct. Rollins did a fair amount of the heavy lifting in this one.

-Afterwards, Show and Orton argue until Show KO’s everyone.

-Video package for Rock/Cena.

-MATCH: Ryback vs. Mark Henry.

-I’m not a fan of Ryback, or Henry for that matter so I thought this was a snoozer. However I was surprised at the outcome. Ryback had suffered some pretty high-profile losses over the past several months so I figured he was due for a win. And hitting the shell-shock after the match only left me feeling a bit confused.

-Cole, King and JBL plug the (horrible) power slammer toys and then show a video chronicling the WWE’s deal with the Special Olympics.

-MATCH: WWE Tag Team Titles – Kane and Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston.

-Bryan pins Dolph after a headbut from the top. Decent match that the crowd loved. I also thought heels were going over in this one but given what went down on Raw the next night it all makes sense.

-Make A Wish vignette. Kudos to Cena for all he does with that charity.

-MATCH: Fandango vs. Chris Jericho.

-The fireworks for Jerichos entrance were pretty rad.

-Fandango rolls up Jericho after a Lionsault. Decent match, Jericho carried the load but I would have liked to see Curtis get in a bit more offense. But I enjoyed it.

-Clips of Miz beating Barrett on the pre-show.

-Another Rock/Cena hype video.

-P Diddys performance started off cool with the stuff on the screen… A lot of people that I read about complained that this time could have been used for another match or to make an existing one longer and there is some truth to that but this is WrestleMania. It has always been about spectacle and entertainment cross-over so just sit back and enjoy.

-Del Rio/Swagger hype video which leads to…

-MATCH: WWE World Heavyweight Title – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger.

-Del Rio’s gotta ditch that robe. It looks like he just got out of the shower…

-Swagger taps to the cross arm-breaker. Match was decent, nothing to write home about. Crowd seemed pensive, like they were more excited about what’s to come.

-National Guard ad. Why is the flag backwards on all their shoulders?

-Hype video for…

-MATCH: CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.

-I wonder how this would have been booked if Paul Bearer hasn’t passed.

-I keep going back and forth on Living Colors performance. Can’t decided if it was off the mark or they hit it.

-However the arms grabbing at ‘Taker was pretty badass.

-Undertaker wins by reversing a GTS into a Tombstone. Excellent match, a little too much kicking out of finishers for my taste (more on that later…) but that’s my only real criticism. Best of the night thus far.

-During the post-match hoopla, I would have had Paul Bearers “Ohh Yesss” come over the speakers. I think that would have been a really cool moment.

-Slim Jim USO ad. Lots of ads and commercials tonight.

-Yet another Rock/Cena hype video.

-Michelle Beadle is in the crowd, whoever that is….

-MATCH: No Holds Barred – Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

-Brock’s looking WAY better then when he first returned.

-That dry ice on HHH must have hurt like hell.

-HHH wins after a pedigree on the steel steps in the ring. The beginning and middle of the match were a bit plodding, the last few minutes were pretty hot. I’d like to have seen 3-5 minutes shaved off. Crowd seemed to be sitting in their hands for the most part. Maybe waiting for something big to happen. But in a stadium setting its hard sometimes to gauge crowd reaction.

-Extreme Rules ad.

-Pain and Gain trailer.

-Recap of the previous nights Hall of Fame ceremony, and the introduction to the live crowd.

-WrestleMania XXX ad.


-MATCH: WWE Championship – John Cena vs. The Rock (c)

-No big special entrances for the main event which I thought was odd.

-I have pretty much the same critique of this match as the last. Too plodding off the start and too long. The last few minutes were pretty compelling but way too many kickouts of finishers. I hate that. I also hated that Rocky got his own music at the end and it seemed more about him then the guy that just won the belt….

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